Thursday, January 25, 2007

Preston is 10 months old


It's been a while.

And today, Preston has come to this world for exactly 10 months. We hope he has been enjoying it :)

Just a quick update:

>> Weighs 10.2 kg, has been using size L diapers for a while
>> Loves shopping
>> Able to walk on his own, without any help from us, for a few steps, he's been practicing that on and off in his crib and falls down countless number of times. He loves hanging on to the edge of the crib to enjoy the ecstatic of standing up; he does it even in the middle of the night!
>> Loves animals, cats, dogs and even ants! Enjoy watching them a lot. We have planned to bring him to the zoo next Monday to amuse him with the real animals!

Hopefully he'll be able to walk on his own soon.

Yeah ... We heard that grunt ... We know it'll be really chaotic when he can walk and run at the later stage.

We had enough headaches seeing him crawl ... he resembles the Dash character in the “Incredibles” family. However, I think the feeling of seeing our own baby able to stand on his own and walk with his own feet will be indescribable.

Well done, Preston :)

-updated by papa & mama

Saturday, January 13, 2007

My 6 Months Comparison

Friday, January 12, 2007

Virgin swim

I was told that it is never too early for you baby to swim as he is used to living in the water. But I am still a bit sceptical about it. One of the reasons being is that baby doesn't have a strong immune system and we do not have access to any pool that is specially designed for newborn.

Until last 2 weeks, we finally decided to bring Preston to the public pool near our residential area. We shopped for his swimming gear and ready set to go.

It was his first time in the swimming pool, so we did not expect much as we just wanted to see his reaction in the pool as well as his cute look in swim suit... haha (*evil grin*)

The water was a bit cold, colder than the water we use to bathe him. He was a bit scared in the pool, kept clinging on me by pulling my shorts. I wasn't in the water. Daddy accompanied him in the pool and he clang to daddy too. It was the first time we noticed he needs us so much.

I think the whole environment was a bit overwhelming. Although not too crowded, it was quite noisy and water was splashing all around.

The "swim" was a really short one. I think around 10 minutes. We didn't want to traumatise Preston in the first session.

We will definitely bring him back again! Swimming skill is a must for my baby :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Preston is 9 months old

Less than 3 more months and Preston will be one year old. Time flies. I remember during this time last year, I was about 7 months pregnant with Preston. That is simply amazing. A year ago, everything seemed so far away, we hadn't even given him a name yet. Doctor predicted his weight to be around 2kg, or less? I can vaguely remember now.

By 9 months, he can...
>> crawl
>> stand up with the support of furniture, like the edge of his crib
>> imitating adult's behaviour, like waving bye-bye, making funny faces and sounds
>> start to develop his own attitude - friendly, hot-tempered, super-active, eager, curious, out-going
>> say papa, mama, mum-mum... I guess papa, mama, mum-mum were invented after realizing those are the first words of babies
>> weighs 9.6 kg

I believe human are born to be successful when I see him learning to stand up and walk. No matter how many times he falls down, he will not give up because he knows no matter what, he is going to make it. No matter how tired he is, he will still stand up after every fall. It is really inspiring seeing a child growing up, it is amazing and the feeling is just undescribable.

I just got a good news from a friend that she is 35 weeks pregnant as of yesterday and expecting a baby boy. I have been through that stage, so I feel so excited about it. I wish you all the best in your pregnancy and delivery. In case you are wondering who she is, she is Siew Yan :) [hehe, think you won't mind me spreading the good news]