Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Sand and I

He is a big big boy now as he should be categorized as toddler instead of baby. There were a few incidents happened recently, this is one of them that I think is worth sharing:

Weekends have always been breakfast and groceries shopping at IMM in Jurong East. The reason is because the place is more family-friendly. It is more spacious as compared to other shopping malls which are occupied with shops. Another more valid reason is that the journey from Bukit Batok to Jurong East is relatively short as compared to other places. Preston will sometimes get bored and grumpy being in the baby car seat for too long.

But being sick of the same place for countless weekends, we decided to make a change, not too adventurous, we decided to have breakfast at the Mac Donald's of the West Coast Park at West Coast (slightly further than IMM). After we had our Big Breakfast, we decided to take a walk in the park. We saw lots of kids playing in the sanded area (just like a tiny beach but sanded with coarser sand) so we thought Preston might like it. He freaked out when we told him "we are gonna take off our shoes and play in the sand"... his legs were curled up as tightly as a koala bear to whoever was carrying him and screaming for help... it is so funny!

He is naturally scared of things that tickle, like carpet, kiwi fruit, pineapple, cactus, even though they don't hurt. Being barefoot in the sand is worse anything to him. And, he doesn't like dirt. He was picking up every grain of sand from his hand and throwing it away.

Last week wasn't too bad. we bought him a set of beach toys. He seemed enjoying, but still looked tensed throughout the whole session. He barely moved from the location where he was put down.

Tomorrow we will go again and make sure this time he can overcome his whatever fear.