Friday, February 02, 2007

Let's go to the zoo...

Since Preston has becoming more and more curious about things around him, we finally brought him to the Singapore Zoo.

He was extremely unhappy in the car on our way to the zoo. I think it was because of the long journey.

We went on Monday, therefore it wasn't too crowded. He was amused only by huge animals like the White Tigers and Giraffe... I think part of the reason was that all the animals weren't too active, most of them were still sleeping... maybe too early? We reached there about 9:15 am and left at about 12:15 pm... The weather was nice, cool and breezy... We had our expensive and tasteless brunch in the "Restaurant in the Wild”. There weren't many choices as the KFC and other food stalls is still closed (around 10:30am) and we didn't have our breakfast, so we settled at the Restaurant in the Wild.

Preston had homemade porridge with pumpkin and fish... It is easier to feed him if we are all having meals together; I suggest if you have a kid who isn't keen on food, let him join in when the whole family is eating...

We left around 12:15 pm... I think he was tired because he didn't make much noise on our way back this time.
Should we get a yearly zoo membership for 150 bucks? Well, if we visit the zoo for more than 5 times a year, otherwise it is not worth it.

Next… Jurong Bird Park?