Saturday, March 31, 2007

Love for reasons? A letter to Kang Kang


I know this will happen, but I just don’t know when that you will come to me and ask, “Mom, how do I become your son?” or something along that line. Well, I guess I will tell you, it is all about love. When mommy loves daddy so much and daddy loves mommy so much that we think we have lots more love to be “spared”, we decided to have you 

Let me tell you, mommy loves daddy and daddy loves mommy because we chosen each other. We both love you unconditionally, just because you are our son. When we talk, we talk about you, when we are at work, we think about you, when we text each other, we mention about you… You have become the centre of our lives.

We want you to believe that, only love will support us to grow to a better and loving person. However, this world is not about you, me and daddy, it is about everyone around you, be it your grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends, teacher, colleagues girl friend and wife. You know, there was once during mommy’s check up when you were in mommy’s tummy, I told dad that I can’t stand the idea of you growing up, studying abroad and getting married… Dad told me that he has prepared for all these, he said,” I want to have babies not because I want to keep them; I want to prepare them with wings that can fly higher, further.” Yes, that is so right.

Darling, when you grow up, you will have to face with lots of challenges in life, rejection, fear, dealing with misunderstandings. Although I hope to, but also know that I am not the only person who can give you all these, you must find a person that you trust, love to support each other to walk the path of your life. There is just so much more to learn and experience about live and you have just taken a baby step (not even steady yet).

Everyone is a mirror of yourself; how a person treats you shows what kind of person you are, or at least somewhat. Remember, there are no right/wrong (other than violating the laws) decisions, there are only decisions that lead you to the path you have chosen. Mommy is brought up in a family of trust and love and now I want to bring you up that way too. Mommy wants these values to be remained for our next generations as long as there is any.

I love you and daddy. Both of you have made me a proud mother and wife. Lao gong, thanks for all the support and love you have given me, let’s prepare kang kang with a pair of strong wings.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to you

Two days ago was Preston's 1 year old birthday. We ordered him a 1kg Winnie the Pooh vanilla and mango birthday cake from Bengawan Solo. We were thinking to buy him a cake with the letter 1 but the minimum size of the cake is 3kg, which is too huge for 7 adults, so we decided to go for the conventional round one.

Some updates of him:

>> Didn't gain any weight since last months.

>> Still can't walk without any assistance, however, he is making progress.

>> We notice that he only wants to learn stuff from his grandpa and grandma, it is very difficult for us to teach him even a simple thing.

>> Getting more and more demanding, he will cry out loud if we do not give him what he wants. I don't know if this is human's nature, to demand for things, I can't wait for him to talk and understand me, so that I can teach him by telling him.

>> He likes to watch people work, especially sweeping the floor, it is terrible because he will "instruct" you to sweep the floor. By now, merely watching can no longer satisfy him, he wants hands on.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Preston is 11 months old

This is a long due 11 months updates of Preston (really long because he is gonna be 1 yr old 10 days later).

A lot of things actually happened within this 1.5 months for Preston and us.

>> He stepped out of Singapore for the first time in his life.

>> He has experienced his first plane trip.

>> He has experienced his first Chinese New Year.

>> He was terribly sick right after we came back from Miri after our Chinese New Year holiday break. He vomited after he had his milk around 12:30 am and also fever. We were so worried and decided to send him to the KK hospital A&E. We waited there for more than 3 hours before we got attended by the doctor. The doctor suspected that he was infected with Urinary tract infection as no sign of infection was shown in his throat. So the doctor wanted to collect his urine for test. That was a nightmare, as we waited for another 3 hour for his urine. The result came out to be negative, so the doctor told us to make an appointment 2 days later for review. He was infected with throat infection, poor thing... we took 2 days leave to monitor his progress... However, the nightmare is over now, he has grown up to be a strong and naughty Preston again.

>> He picked up simple words and understand the meaning of it, like clapping, gong xi gong xi, brush teeth, raining (he will cover his head with his hand), fan (he will point to ceiling fan). The weird thing is, he picks up those very quickly from his grandpa and grandma (my parents) and he loves them more than us. Whenever they visit us or vice versa, Preston will start ignoring us.

>> Last night was the first night he slept from 9pm to 7 am in the morning! That is amazing.

>> He still weighs around 10.3 kg, but he has long legs now, the last measurement of his height was 79.9 cm so I presume he should have pass the 80cm mark by now.