Monday, January 04, 2010

Nursery 2

This is his 3rd year of school and he has just started his Nursery (N2). We have suffered the crying-on-the-first-day-of-school phase 2 years ago when we have decided to enrol him in the childcare. It turned out to be disaster. He did not like it at all and refused to go to the school. We did not know what to do because he was too young to go to Nursery then.

Last year, he has reached the age for pre-nursery, a 2-hour play group in the neighbourhood school, so we enrolled him and hope things to turn out fine. Better than expected, he enjoys school since then.

Today, it is his first day of Nursery. He was so excited when we prepared for his stationaries, school bag, new shoes, new socks. He is actually looking forward to it.

But me, being a lousy mom, actually did not know that his class ended 1.5 hours earlier then usual until his teacher called. Arghh, I feel so bad about it. He just asked me inoocently if I have forgotten.


I always believe that there is no child who doesn't love their parents, but I do not agree otherwise. If you parents don't love you or abandon you, it is their fault. If your child(ren) don't love you, it is clearly your failure.

A child comes to this world, counting on you and living on your mercy until he/she is independant. If you don't feed him/her for few days, he/she will die. I feel really angry when I see news like a helpless child being tortured by parents.

It makes me think when I see news about how an old man is abandoned by all his children and leaving alone in a messy little flat or by the street. This old man has a whole life to decide how he wants to live, is it his children's fault that he is living like that now?

I don't know how will my own child treat me when I am old and helpless one day, but I hope to do my best as a parent because I still belive no child in this world will not love his/her parents if they are loved.