Monday, December 03, 2007

ka ka lai liao (ka ka 来了)

This is so funny. We never taught him the word 'ka ka' and I asked the baby sitter, neither did she.

We didn't know what is 'ka ka' until one day he saw a cockroach and told his dad that was a 'ka ka'. Finally we have came into a conclusion that 'ka ka' is something that will bite because 'ka' means bite in hokkien (the baby sitter is a hokkien)

We went for dinner together in a restaurant. We ordered seafood platter where there are many different types of grilled seafood. He saw the prawns. I asked if he wanted it, he shook his head and said "eee.... ka ka". Then he saw his dad ate it, he told me 'ba ba chi ka ka'... (translated to pa pa eats ka ka)

Kids are so innocent... haha


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