Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Do you want to go to the school?

I believe Preston is a sociable kid, because he will make friends whenever he sees kids who are around his age. He will go near to them, introduce himself, shake hands and even hug them. He will share his stuff with his potential new friends. However, not all people are as sociable, some are very shy and ignore him. Well, that is life, that is the real world. Although, it looks cruel in the eyes of parents, but that is what we are going through and we have to accept it as part of life.

Life is tough, but life is fun.

We were thinking to send him to the childcare center, on another hand, we are worried that he won't get as much attention as being with a dedicated baby sitter. We know he loves school. He likes to make friends, he like to learn and play.

I told him that if he can say his full name when people ask, we will send him to the childcare and he nodded :P

Some updates (20 months old):

> Weighs 13kg
> Able to construct simple sentence
> More understanding and more accommodating
> Still cute


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