Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The pivot point

Instead of writing about regular updates, I was thinking of something on my way back from work today. It is about religion. This has always been a sensitive topic and people are tend to be more tactful when discussing about this topic, especially in a group of friends who have different faiths.

As being mothers of 2 young kids, a colleague of mine told me her son asked her something which she found disturbing and have no idea how to tackle. Her six-year-old son asked her about re carnation, although she believes in , and she knows exactly what it means, but she doesn't think that she is in the position to explain to him, merely because they have different religious upbringing. Being a freethinker, I was quite stunned, as she mentioned that. I did not understand why would they have different religion upbringing being in the same family, and I am quite sure the son is definitely too young to choose a religion for himself. After her explanation, only did I know that her husband believes in , so their kids have to be brought up in the 's way.

Well, I am a freethinker, that does not mean that I do not believe in anything, in fact I believe in everything, everything that I choose to believe. I know, my point of view is controversial, especially, people who are staunch in his/her religion. I am not talking about a particular religion, I am talking in a general basis. Freethinker is always classified as "shallow" in their point of view. Again, I am not saying everyone who falls into this category.

As a mother, I just want my kid to have as much freedom and room for growing up, well, if only I can find the pivot point of his freedom, my principle, and my pre-conceive notions/beliefs towards certain things.


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