Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Poor baby ...

Thanks to everyone that has been checking on Preston's status.

We found out why he's more difficult to take care on Monday morning - bad constipation.

We noticed he had no bowel movement since Sunday.

On Monday morning, after his routine 3AM feed, I notice there's a piece of stool at his anus when changing his diaper. I used the wet wipe to try and scoop it out. I couldn't. It was HARD!!! Preston was crying while he's trying to squeeze it out from his small little anus.

Without knowing what to do, I rested him in his play pan and quickly did a search on the internet.

As instructed on one of the web site, I massaged his tummy, and pumped his legs like cycling, which rightfully should help him.

Preston tried very very hard, and I swore he really spent all his "milk sucking" energy to move the stool. And like everyone when in pain, he screamed when he pushed.

It's really heart wrenching to see the little baby twist & turn and suffered from the pain. Luckily, within a few minutes, the hard stool was squeezed out by Preston. It felt like a year!!!

We noticed there are some blood stain and worried that he might have torn his anus in the process. But by this time, Preston has quiet down and didn't cry any more. Amazing for a baby who just went through such difficult and distressing moment.

The first thing we did on Monday morning was to bring Preston to GP.

The GP applied something like enima (for baby) and Preston responded by moving his bowel. It was again another heart wrenching session to watch our baby trying hard to squeeze the hard stool out. He was like a preggie in labour!! Imagine the pain ... :(

It was a big relief when we finally saw the soft stool ...

The GP suggested to dilute his formula milk.

So far, his bowel movement has gone back to normal. And it's soft :)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

3 Weeks ...

Baby Preston is now a little more difficult to take care of.

He would sometimes awake in the night and refuses to sleep after feed. He's so restless and keep playing "kung fu", stretching his hands and legs. After spending all his energy, he will cry for more milk. And also have to change his diaper before he's peaceful again. By the time, it's already 3 hours gone.

Preston is now 4.4kg. Like to exercise, doing kung fu.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

2 Weeks Now

He sure knows how to grip ...

See the dimple. He's got them at both side.

He's growing and looks happy ...

Thursday, April 06, 2006


When baby Preston discharged from the hospital, doctor said he's got no jaundice.

However, after a week when the baby was back for check up, doctor ordered a blood test. This time, it's 14.4. If it reaches 16 or 17, then the baby has to go for UV light treatment.

It was a scary experience for the baby to do the blood test. The hospital staff took the blood from his heel. He cried, only for a short while. After that, as if requesting for rewards, he became restless, like asking for milk.

We were asked to sun bathe him a few times in the morning from 8 to 9am. It helps, but he still looked yellowish.

We also gave him a lot of fluid, in milk especially.

Then, we were told that the red dates can help to reduce jaundice.

- Boil 7 pieces of red dates.

- Mix one tea spoon red date water into baby's milk and let him drink.

- The rest is for the baby to bathe.

He's quite alright now.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Sometimes after feeding, baby Preston hiccup non-stop.

The record so far is 20 minutes until the hiccup stopped by itself. It's terrible for an adult to endure the whole hiccup experience, let alone a tiny baby.

It's really heartache when the parents can't do anything. We've tried to feed the baby some water when he hiccup. But it doens't help very much though.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

7 Days already ...

I can already do wonders when I'm 4 days in this world

My little fingers

My tiny feet

It's an amazing world. I'm enjoying it, so I only cry when my milk isn't given to me, or when everybody around me are too busy to give me a good hug.