Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The fall

When I was on my way back home few days back, I saw a toddler at around the age of 2-3 fell down on the ground. He was crying very loudly. His mother was quite cool about it and told him "It's OK", she gave him a second before she tried to pull him up. There was an old man sitting on the bench nearby who immediately ran to him and helped him up. The incident really bothers me although Preston is merely a three-month-old baby. I started to think how I will react if I were the mother. I have always wanted Preston to learn something from his experience.

If I can control the whole incident, it would be this way.

- Preston falls down.

- Mommy asks "Are you OK, ni ni(that is his pet name)?"

- Preston climbs up on his own and says "Yes, mommy."

- Mommy says "You are such a brave boy."

- Mommy gives Preston a big hug.

Yeah, I just want him to be brave. I know it is not the fall that will hurt him, it is the way he will handle his fall.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Preston is 3 months old

Here are some updates of Preston.

> He weighs 6.4kg and started on M size diapers.

> I have stopped breastfeeding as I will be going back to work soon. I am very glad that we don't have to go through the scary 'weaning off' phase as described by many breasftfeeding mothers, like babies refuse to take bottle or breast engorgement like other mommies suffer from. This is because we have started to supplement him with infant formula at the initial stage.

> My mom has gone back. She has been the main caregiver of Preston. I wasn't confident of taking care of him alone since he was born. My mom and mom in-law took turn to look after him since he was born, and now I have to be the MOM.

> He can now babble more words. He uses phrases like 'ang goo', 'ah goo' ,'ang grrrrrer', 'ang gu gu ang gu gu' at almost everything, either when he is happy, excited, sad or frustrated. He has extends his vocabulary to 'nan nan' when he is hungry and 'ging ging ging...' when he is hot. I don't know if the 'nan nan' part is random or he really knows what 'nan nan' means. I cannot reproduce other words that he says.

> We have sent him to the nanny's place since last Wednesday. I was so worried at first if he will be happy with the nanny or if the nanny knows what he wants. I was with him almost 24 by 7 since he was born. Mom was here to tell if the nanny is good enough for him. Surprisingly, it turns out to be much better than expected. The nanny is a very nice, well-organised person, and most importantly, she is experienced and she likes Preston and Preston seems to be comfortable with her.

> He is a gadget baby. We bought toys for him that supposed to be educational and fun for babies, but he doesn't show any interest at any of his toys. He will only be amused by handphone ringtone, camera and video cam. What an expensive baby.

> Overall, he is a healthy and happy baby.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Compare how different Preston is

The Nanny

We've found Preston a nanny a while ago through our friend. The nanny is his wife's auntie. Experience baby care giver ....

Tomorrow is the first day we will take Preston to the nanny. Sending him there earlier give us some time to make sure he's able to settle down with the nanny. Originally we were thinking of 3rd July, the first day when Preston's mom going back to work.

We also bought the necessary stuffs, including an extra sarong for the nanny. When we brought the stuffs there, Preston went together with us to meet her for the first time.

The nanny is taking care of her 2 grandchildren. The boy, 8 and the little girl, 2 plus.

When we went over, we let the nanny carry Preston. The moment she carried Preston, the little girl started screaming and crying for her grandmom's attention. We looked at each other ... don't really know what to do. Then the girl ran over to the next door, where her auntie is staying.

We found out from the nanny that her grandchildren will to go to school from 7am to 7pm. So it's not such a concern. We will have to make sure that we can fetch Preston back home before there's too much contention between our baby and the girl.

My MIL said it should be OK. Since the girl will also want to have a playmate. Furthermore, she's a girl, and will tend to treat some one younger better after a while.

It will be a brand new day for Preston soon ... hope he'll like it.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ang gu gu ...

Baby is able to communicate too ...

Just listen to his words ... ang gu gu ..

He keep repeating that to everyone that he meets. He also got a lot of variety too ...

When he's happy .. it's ang gggggeeeeerrrrr...

When he's not too happy ... it's ang ke ... or Eh ....

He may also laugh like we do ... some times ...

Amazing ....

No wonder we adults like to "ang ge ge" the babies ..

Friday, June 09, 2006

New Clothes

Preston has been gaining weight healthily. He's 6.4kg now.

He has almost established his night feeding routine. He can sleep from 9pm to 12am, have 120ml milk and continue sleeping till 3 or 4am. Sometimes, he likes to continue sleeping after another feed. But sometimes, he only sleeps for a while, wakes up around 5+ in the morning ... and refuse to go back to sleep.

Further, when he wakes up in the wee hour, he wants to be entertained. My my ... that's really tough to play with him at 5, 6 am with the urge to go back to sleep.

With his growth rate, he's almost outgrowing all his shirt given by his grandmom. It used to be extra large ... and now just nice only. It's time to get him some more new clothes.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Fingers licking good ...

Baby Preston don't like his pacifier no more ...

Now he only likes his own fingers ... One thing though, he still hasn't manage to find his thumb :)