Saturday, August 26, 2006

Preston is 5 months old

Yesterday was Preston's 5 month old birthday. He has grown from a tiny little new born to a big baby now. Some updates of Preston:

> He weighs 7.5 kg now, doesn't gain much weight since last month, but he looks healthy and chubby.

> I have started him on a bit of solid food, i.e. infant cereal, he seems to like it a lot. However, feeding him cereal is a really messy affair. All three of us smell like cereal after the meal.

> He is teething already since last 2 weeks. Two lower front teeth are sprouting out from his gum. Therefore he drools like a water tap, a fresh bib can only last him for five minutes. He bites every thing he can get hold of, even tissue paper.

> He knows how to flip from back to tummy, he will flip non-stop if he is on the bed. However, he cannot flip the other way round. He has more urge to start crawling than to flip back.

> He is counting his fingers! We have been teaching him to count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with his fingers. We noticed that he is counting his fingers today... so cute, even though he still cannot control his fingers.

> He stretches like a yoga master, he loves biting his toes!

Happy 5 months old, Preston!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Some more pictures before the 5th month

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Preston demonstrate that he's able to flip on his own.

He loves it and keep flipping. However, he's having hard time - cos he can't flip back so he's very tired. But he still likes to flip and cry to signal us to help him flip back.

Just like turtle :)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Preston is 4 months old

Preston is 4 months old now. Actually slightly older than that. He has been keeping his mama so busy that she has no time to upload his blog (yeah right ;) just an excuse, baby.)

Ok, here are some updates of him:

> He doesn't gain much weight since he hit the 6.5kg mark last month.

> He starts teething! Yes, he has got his first tooth already, it seems a bit early? The day is 5th Aug 2006.

> He is very naughty nowadays, I mean very very naughty. He will not stop moving when he is awake.

> He really has the sense of music and beats... He will "dance" whenever he hears music and tend to "sing".

> He doesn't ang goo so much nowadays, he uses all kind of self-invented vocab.

> He doesn't know how to flip yet, he can only do the half flip, not a full one... hrmmm...