Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Preston is 6 months old

Sorry for the late updates because Preston is keeping his mommy bz bz bz. Here are the updates.

> He is 6 months old and weighs around 8kg.

> His hair has been growing too long until he looks like a little girl, so I decided to shave him. We were thinking to bring him to the barber, but then I thought it was more economical to just buy a hair clipper to do the shaving myself. Tadah! He looks like a Shao Lin Baby now.

> He loves food, baby Rusk, porridge, cereal, banana... I am pretty sure he lives to eat, milk is just for survival. Gluten or Hungry?

> He doesn't like to be carried in the sitting position. He will struggle to straighten his torso and remain in that position so that you have no choice but to carry him at the standing position.

> We have started to bring him out more often because he doesn't like to stay at home... He seems to be enjoying himself when we bring him out in his pram. He sits in a 'da shao ye' (Big Boss) way... haha, so cute.

> His voice is the loudest when he cries.

> He says mum mum... when he is hungry, I wonder if that is his first word, but a bit too early.

> He still wakes up every night for feed. I wonder will he ever sleep through the night.

-Posted by mama