Thursday, May 03, 2007

Preston is 13 months old

Preston's and daddy's birthdays are exactly one month apart. Last week was daddy's birthday. So mommy bought a chocolate truffle cake for daddy from Hans. We didn't invite anyone nor having a birthday party. It is just a small family candles ad cake stuff. After we fetched him from the nanny back home, we lighted candles, sing birthday song, birthday wishes... He was so amazed, he kept laughing and giggling, I guess that is the best birthday present ever for a 33-year-old man.

13 months updates:

>> Able to walk without assistance

>> weighs between 10.5 to 10.8kg (yeah, I know he didn't grow a lot, tod aged 1-2 will only gain 1-3 kg throughout a year

>> Weird sleeping pattern. He doesn't like to sleep in the baby hammock (sarung) anymore. The toughest thing looking after him is to get him to bed at night. There were several ocassions that he cried until he vomitted because of the excessive air swallowed. The only way that works at the moment to get him to sleep is taking him out for a stroll (well, I know this is not a good habit to establish, but I also don't know for how long this will work, because his habit is changing consistently and unpredictably.) This is our biggest challenge at the moment.

>> Bought him a real tooth brush. He is now able to brush his teeth himself, with minimal assistance

>> Discipline is implemented, because he is old enough to understand do's and dont's. We have done it on extremely dangerous behaviour, i.e. playing with the standing fan. We had daddy as the 'bad' guy and mom as the 'good' guy. Daddy will tell him in a very stern voice where mommy will be there to pacify him. The real scenario was actually mommy was the director and keptasking daddy to be more fierce :P. After a few attempts, he sat down on the floor and cried. Now, he will not go near to the fan anymore. However, I don't believe in having strict rules implemented to a growing child. Good habits must be established at young age.

>> Insists on wearing shoes before going out and taking off shoes and put them back in the shoe cabinet when back home.

>> He has been darling enough to know your mood, he will be extremely nice to you when you are angry at him.