Sunday, May 28, 2006

Smiling Preston

It's no doubt that Preston love to smile.

He smiles when I greet him ... "Good morning, baby" .... he will response with a charming smile without fail every morning.

He smiles when people around him look at him.

What happened today confirmed that he loves to smile at people. We brought him to the GP today for his first 6-in-1 vaccination.

He was sleeping soundly on the way, not knowing something painful for him happening soon.
It's heartache to see the long needle jabbed into his meaty thigh. He screamed loud and hard. My goodness ... he's the toughest baby that I've seen. He stopped crying the moment the needle was pulled out. He still mumbled a few times after that. But he went back to sleep almost immediately.

He was still a happy baby after coming home. We played with him the whole morning.

Scary thing happened in the evening. Grandmom was telling that Preston may have some mild fever.

The doc said fever may be one of the side effects that we can expect. Without thinking too much, we rushed to the GP again, in the hope to get some medicine just in case we might need it in the middle of the night.

And guess what Preston did .... he smiled at the doc after the doc took his temperature, and said nothing to be worried about.

Smiles my dear Preston. Some day, I'm sure you will make a lot of friends with your charm ... and smiles. Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Two months old

Preston is two months old and is growing really really fast and well.

There were a few incidents that freaked me out how well he is developing,mentally and physically.

> He has almost outgrown all his clothes, booties and mittens. My husband and I has decided to get him some new clothes and booties, not getting him anymore mittens because we are trying to take off his mittens soon as he has to learn how to grip and hold things. We bought him 2 shirts last night with the label saying it is for 6 to 12 months old infant. Guess what! They are the same sizes as those shirts that he has almost outgrown, guess we gotta bring back to the shop and perhaps telling them, "Hey, these are too small for my two months old baby..."

> He can actually recognizes people... He will smile at me when i look at him pretending that I didn't see him. Anyone with kid will know how tiring it is to carry a baby all the time and will definitely take a break if there was a chance to. But his smile melts my heart and making me feel guilty for ignoring him. Gosh!

> He is only two months old and he already knows how to talk!!! I was teaching him to say 'ooo' last night, he was concentrating on my lips movement and imitated it. To my surpirse, he actually said it! not randomly but responded to my 'ooo'. His daddy tried it with him again later, and he did it again!! Oh, I hate to say that but I am so proud of it.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


After his contipation problem, we realised that it is so so wonderful to have our baby moving his bowel regularly and predictably. It's really a joy to be able to clean his output.

Last week he didn't pass motion for more than 24 hours, since 12pm the previous day. Immediately, we brought him to a GP. The GP didn't do anything. He just wanted us to wait another 24 hours.

His grandmom kept massaging his tummy, and after many false alarms, the baby finally sh!t ...

The first piece was a bit hard. But what followed subsequently was soft and creamy ... good stuff :)

Now it's a daily event that we wait for him to clear his rectum ...

At the time of this writing, the baby passing motion again after another more-than-24-hours wait. We decided to use lexative to help him a bit, just to be sure that he didn't have the super hard stool again.

We waited a few minutes after applying the lex ... yeah, we knew we shouldn't have done so unless necessary ... but trust me, after witnessing his struggle the other time to squeeze out the hard stool .... it IS necessary.

To our relief, this time, it's soft and creamy ... just as seen previously.

Now we decided to wait for his time naturally ... without interfering his system again.

May be what the doc said is right - that he's adjusting his schedule as he grows ... we should just be more patient.