Monday, November 27, 2006

Preston is 8 months old

All in one word - NAUGHTY, extremely NAUGHTY!

> Weighs 8.3 kg (weight loss due to the Rotarivus)

> Has 7 teeth

> Started on brush-teeth-routine

> Learning crawling, not too steady but getting the hang of it

> An outgoing baby, loves going out and socializing, no strangers in his world. He is so friendly to people, despite the age, colour, gender... he loves them ALL! As long as can keep him entertained.

> Only wants things that are not belong to him, or things we forbid him to have, like newspapers, tv/aircon remote control, fish swimming in the tank...

> Enjoys food, even bread crumb and white rice

> Screaming with either his highest or lowest pitch, I know it is irritating if we see other kids doing, but not with your own baby (trust me for those who have no kids will not believe this)... But I still show the "irritated" face if he does that... hrmmm... Maybe this is one of his way of conveying messages...

Thanks Kok sing (Tun) for the photos :)

Friday, November 24, 2006


He was so so so sick for the past few days. He got fever and diarrhea. Very.very.bad.diarrhea. He pooed once, almost every 5-10 mins, it was so bad that he developed diaper rash, I don't know if it is diaper rash, basically his his skin has become red and sore. He cried and scream like hell everytime we clean him. His butt was sooo bad that we decided to buy him a potty.

We brought him to the doctor and the doctor confirmed that he was infected with Rotavirus. We did not know how serious rotavirus was and decided not to let him have the vaccination, simply because I feel heart pain for him being jabbed.

The Doctor prescribed several kinds of med, but apparently it did not help much, we went back to the doctor the next day and we were told to increase the dosage of the medicine.

What a nightmare! Should I give him pneumococcal vaccine also?

Friday, November 17, 2006

When Usual thing turns Unusual

Two days ago, as usual, after work and dinner, we went to pick Preston up from his nanny's place. To our dissapointment, he did not seem to be excited when he saw us as usual. Intead, he turned his head away from us and towards his nanny who was carrying him. Three of us were shocked by his reaction. Husband and I knew that this was the last thing we wish to happen, we cannot accept the fact that the bond between them are actually stronger than us. But we have no reasons to doubt the attachment between them, because the number of hours he stays with the nanny is much more longer than with us. 12 hours a day during daytime means most of his activities have nanny involved. We only bring him back at night and during weekends, so naturally the priority will go to the nanny.

I know we should not be too obsessed about this whole matter, but we just can't help it. My worry will be that we will eventually not hesitate to do things for him to compensate for what we 'think' we cannot provide him. That is definitely not what we wanted, We don't want him to be a spoilt brat. We want to build love, trust and bond with him.

Daddy and mommy loves you, Kang Kang, please leave a comment when you can read this one day. you will probably not believe what you have just read.

--posted by mama

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More photos...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Preston is 7 months old

To be exact, Preston is 7 months and 2 weeks old as at today. Time flies, he has changed so much since he was born, from a vulnerable little baby to a strong and naughty little human. Yes, he is getting more and more independant now. He has his own 'needs' other than food and sleep. He needs more than that, he has learnt how to express himself through some behaviours, like 'calling' for help when he is stuck or making noise when he is bored.

He was down with fever yesterday (3rd November), still not recovered yet, his temperature his 38.5 degree celcius. Doctor said older babies(six months and above) are prone to virul infections because the immunity from the mother is gradually disappearing and he has to build up his own. Rashes was shown after he has recovered from the fever and doctor said that is normal for babies between the age of 6 to 12 months.

Here are some of the updates:
> weighs 8.6 kg
> started on follow-on infant formula (stage 2)
> started on more 'solid' food - not so pureed food